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Pre-Application Meeting Request Form
Do you want a productive and informative meeting? Ensure that you provide a complete request. Clear and descriptive discussion items and a scaled site plan are key. Poor discussion items may postpone the scheduling of your meeting or result in limited and general feedback.

Pre-application meetings are ONLY for commercial, industrial, and multi-dwelling residential projects that are of a scope or size that require feedback from multiple City departments. Basic development inquires should be directed to the Current Planning Service Centre. www.edmonton.ca/currentplanningservicecentre/
A complete request includes:
1. Submission of this online form;
2. A scaled site plan with the required items; and
3. Payment of the fee (as per the Development Permit and Compliance Fee Schedule).
The fee may or may not be refundable depending on when a request to cancel is submitted. A pre-application meeting does not imply or suggest any decision whatsoever on behalf of the City, its staff or any agency representative in attendance.
Bold or asterisk (*) fields are mandatory.
Requestor Information
Last Name:
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Business Name:
E-mail: (separate each address with a Semi colon)
All communication regarding your meeting will be sent to these email addresses. Please ensure your email account will accept email from preapplication@edmonton.ca
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Applicant File #:
As the applicant, I affirm (check one:) I am the registered owner of the property.
I have entered into a binding agreement to purchase the property.
I have permission of the registered owner to make an inquiry.
Site Information:
Search for properties: Find By Address Find By Legal
If you have trouble selecting your property, please add the address as a discussion item.
Existing Use:
Existing Buildings:
In your own words briefly describe your project.
Discussion Items:
What questions do you want answered at the meeting? Clear and descriptive discussion items are key to a successful meeting.
Your discussion items help us focus on your priority issues and determine which City staff should be invited to attend. Please provide 1 to 5 discussion items that let us know the main items/issues you wish to discuss and any anticipated variances. For example: Parking requirements - a loss of 5 stalls (2% of the required) is anticipated from the relocated and extended drive thru lane and maintenance of existing landscaping on the west side of Building B.
Project Information:
Complete all the following sections with as much detail as possible. If an item is not applicable to the project, leave it blank. Additional information may be attached as a document.
Select one of the following that describe your proposed development:
Commercial Industrial Residential / Multi Dwelling Other Development (eg. Institution, Utility, etc.)
Select one (or more) of the following that describe the type of work to be undertaken:
New Construction Demolition Addition Exterior Alterations Change of Use or New Use
Basic development inquiries should be directed to the Current Planning Service Centre. Meeting requests for projects that are not in scope, or that do not have the required information, will be cancelled automatically and will have $50.00 (plus GST) retained for administrative costs.
Building Details:
Existing Floor Area (m2):
Proposed Floor Area (m2):
Total Floor Area (m2):
Number of Dwelling Units:
Number of Main Floor Dwelling Units:
Site Components:
(Optional) Provide information below if you would like preliminary drainage fee assessments, PAC, EA or SSTC
Building Footprint (m2):
Hard Surfaces (m2):
Soft Surfaces (m2):
Total Site Area (m2):
Project Use Details:
List all proposed uses (including both indoor and outdoor uses such as display, storage or patios), one per line.
Proposed Use: Total Floor Area (m2): Proposed Parking Stalls
Add Use Detail
Project Team:
Please list any consultants or technical experts that will be attending the meeting. (e.g. Architects, Engineers, etc.) A maximum of four (4) people may attend the meeting (including the primary contact).
Name: Company: Profession: Description:
Add Team Member
Site Plan Requirements:
A site plan is a mandatory document with your submission.
The site plan must be to scale in metric units with streets and lanes labeled. The plan should include the dimensions and location of:
- Property Line
- Buildings (proposed and existing)
- Access / driveways (proposed and existing)
- Parking (accessible, vehicle and bicycle)
- Fire access routes
- Loading Area
- Garbage collection facilities
- Landscaped area
- Outdoor storage and / or display
- Pedestrian connections (sidewalks and trails)
- Features in the road right of way such as trees, signs, bus stops, fire hydrants, street lights, power poles, etc. (Label distance from features to accesses / driveways)

Building elevations or other supporting information may be attached, in addition to the mandatory site plan.
I understand that if my submission, including my site plan, does not meet the requirements this can delay the scheduling of the meeting. This may result in cancellation of the meeting and I will not receive a complete refund.
Add a Site Plan or other Document
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The pre-application meeting is based on the materials submitted. Revised or alternate plans will not be discussed at the meeting. If you require assistance please email preapplication@edmonton.ca
The personal information on the form is collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 642 of the Municipal Government Act. The information will be used to process your request. If you have any questions on the collection and use of this information, please contact the City of Edmonton Call Centre at 311 or if outside of Edmonton phone 780-442-5311. If you wish to provide feedback, send your comments to the e-mail 311@edmonton.ca.
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